Kingston Cooperative Preschool

The best Coop Preschool in Kitsap County. Located in Kingston, Washington


Debbie Manos: Teacherteachers pp2

“Miss Debbie” joined the Kingston Cooperative Preschool twenty years ago. Though she and her family now live in Indianola, she originally hails from the Aloha state of Hawaii where she attended college and began her teaching career. Debbie’s gentleness and understanding of the children has helped make the Kingston Co-op Preschool extremely popular among the parents of North Kitsap.  Not only do the children learn from Debbie, but also the parents, who attend monthly parent education meetings with her to discuss issues related to their preschoolers. The children and parents of the Kingston Cooperative Preschool share a lot of love and respect for Miss Debbie because she gives so much in return.

Fabienne Jorgenson: Assistant Teacher

“Miss Fabienne” is in her eighth year as our assistant teacher here at Kingston Cooperative Preschool.  She has been a tremendous asset in the classroom, as she and Miss Debbie work wonderfully together to create a nurturing environment for our children to learn and grow. Fabienne has four daughters of her own, three of which are alumni of KCP, and one that is a current student at KCP!  With over fifteen years of experience with our Co-op Preschool, Fabienne is an incredible resource to our board of directors and for our families.