Family Involvement

Membership Requirements:

  • Pay tuition and fees on time.
  • Attend one Parent Education meeting per month.
  • Work in the preschool classroom one to three times a month depending on class and enrollment (Chickadees excluded).
  • Fulfill Volunteer Hour commitment of 6 hours for the school year. (Chickadees requires 3 hours.)
  • Participate in our largest fundraising event — our annual auction.
  • Participate in a cleaning crew once during the year that will take place one hour before a regularly scheduled Parent Education Class.
  • Keep your child at home if they have any signs of a communicable illness, including colds.
  • Arrange for your own substitute in case of unavoidable absence on scheduled workdays and make necessary changes on the work schedule.

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Olympic College Overview

All parents with children enrolled in KCP must participate in a monthly Parent Education class. While the children do their work of growing and learning, the parents learn and grow through involvement with and observation of the children’s classroom, as well as through guided discussion and support in the college classroom. Parents earn two college credits per quarter for participating in these classes.

Course Objectives

Course objectives for parents are to:

  • Develop realistic age-level expectations from knowledge of childhood behavior and growth.
  • Explore current research as it applies to pre-school development and extract and adopt principles applicable to parenting.
  • Select and practice discipline techniques from a specific theoretical framework which is consistent with a personal belief system.
  • Evaluate contemporary information and perspectives on selected parenting styles.
  • Experience and understand the role of parent involvement in maintaining quality learning environments for children.
  • Share support, consultation and resource information concerning childrearing and family life.
  • Develop and/or increase confidence in managing the demanding role of parents in a changing society.
  • Strengthen family communication and relationships.

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