Why a Co-Op?

Benefits for Parents

At KCP parents join a community of families with the common interest of taking an active role in their child’s education. It gives them an opportunity to work closely with the teachers to fulfill their child’s academic and social needs. By working in the classroom parents can learn alongside their child by observing interactions by the teachers and other parents. Working together with other families helps build a sense of community and build friendships for both the child and the parents. Raising children takes a village and we are here for you to help build that village.

Benefits for Children

When parents are active in their child’s school it shows them the importance of education in their family. Research shows that parent involvement in school is one of the most powerful predictors of high school achievement and healthy development. Having their parents in the classroom helps the child ease into the school setting. The child is able to find security and a feeling of belonging in a world which is non-threatening and interested in them. Children learn to respect and accept the rights and differences of others by interacting with their peers and adults. They are given hands on experiences in arts, music, science, literature and language geared to their needs and developmental level.

Benefits for Community

Parents and children develop an extended family with friendships they carry through their lives. By working together to run the school parents gain a strong sense of responsibility and develop positive self worth which carries over into every aspect of community life. The cooperative organization provides preschool experiences within the financial means of most families. We work to build a community support for our families within our school.